Edgar Winter pays tribute to brother Johnny

You were supposed to see brothers Johnny and Edgar Winter together on Saturday at the Cannery.

But Johnny, the Texas guitar great, died last month at age 70 while on tour in Europe. Now the Rock ’n’ Blues Fest is a tribute to Johnny, featuring some of his signature songs performed by Edgar, Rick Derringer, Vanilla Fudge, Peter Rivera and Kim Simmonds.

But, as Johnny Winter was quoted in the news release for the tour that now continues without him, “I think the blues will always be around. … People need it.”

“Johnny has always been, is now and will forever remain my greatest musical hero of all time,” Edgar said in a statement after his brother’s death. “But more than all that, he’s my brother — in family, in music, in life and beyond. I will do my best to carry on in honor of his memory and the Winter name.”

Edgar Winter, 67, was less exclusively associated with the blues, with his two biggest hits still classic-rock mainstays: “Free Ride” and the killer instrumental “Frankenstein” were both from his 1972 album “They Only Come Out at Night,” which featured Derringer.

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