Revel in guts and gore with Exhumed

Are you the type who roots for the zombies as they gobble guts in all those end-of-the-world splatter-a-thons?

The dudes in Exhumed are right there with you.

These death metal lifers drown listeners in a gravy of gore, their discography as flecked with blood and shredded flesh as a coroner’s bone saw.

The band’s latest release, “Necrocracy,” is as much fun as one can have while counting down mankind’s inevitable end amid a grosser-than-thou landscape of erupting pustules and severed limbs.

Though Exhumed began decades ago as crude Carcass devotees with a reliance on blinding speed and medical dictionaries for song titles, they’ve since become adept at varying the pace, often favoring a catchy, concussive groove that makes their catalog as infectious as the many terminal diseases they’ve celebrated in song over the years.

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