Netflix subscribers target of a new phishing scam

A new phishing scam is targeting Netflix subscribers in an attempt to get a hold of their personal information.

According to The Huffington Post, the scam is getting subscribers’ attention when they try to simply log into their Netflix account and are shown an “Account Suspended” screen, which is a fake webpage that prompts them to call a 1-800 number to speak with member services in order to regain access to their account.

The screen shows an important notice with the Netflix logo and states that unusual activity has been detected on the account so the username has been suspended to protect the account from unauthorized use.

When users call the number provided, the representative recommends that they download “Netflix support software,” which is actually a remote login software that the scammers can use to gain access to your computer.

Jerome Segura, a blogger with Malwarebytes Unpacked, noticed the scam on Feb. 28, and posted his experience with the scam along with a video of the scam unfolding to the blog.

Segura states in his blog post that at one point while he was speaking with the scammers, they asked him to provide a picture ID and a photo of his credit card, and when he wasn’t able to provide it, they activated his webcam so he could show the cards to them.

The Better Business Bureau is also warning Netflix users about this particular phishing scam and warn that users should be careful when logging into their account and be cautious of any pop-up windows or other unusual activity that appears.They also suggest that you verify support numbers before calling.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Netflix had not issued a press release or statement regarding the scam on its website.