New CDs you need

Three new CDs out today that you need:

Animals As Leaders, “The Joy of Motion”: Tosin Abasi, founder of this instrumental prog-metal-jazz-djent trio, is one of the most freakishly talented guitarists alive. He can make eight strings sound like 108. Here, Animals continue to dazzle with multidirectional jams that come at you from a dozen different angles at once. See for yourself when they play Extreme Thing on Saturday.

Liars, “Mess”: The latest electro Rubik’s Cube from these Brooklyn changelings will surely rank high on the list of most subversive dance floor experiences of 2014. Hey, where else can you bust moves to the sound of a dude pining to slice off your face and don it as a mask?

Future Islands, “Singles”: This Baltimore-based synthpop trio has been earning praise almost as breathless as their tunes in the wake of a slew of well-received South By Southwest performances. They’ll likely build on the good will with this collection of equally starry eyed and sweaty “Singles.” Catch ’em at Beauty Bar on April 16.

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