Life changed for singer Frankie Moreno

Frankie Moreno tried "forever" to play in the Lounge at the Palms, or so it seemed.

The answer was always no. "We're busy, we're booked," says Moreno, whose four-man band recently landed a gig playing in the Palms' Lounge.

What changed their minds? Maybe a slot opened up. Or maybe it was the new record deal.

Since last November, Moreno has been splitting his time between Las Vegas and New York, where he's been recording his new album for Sony Records. There have been a few delays, but Moreno says he's on track to finish the recording in the next few months. Until then, fans of the eclectic pianist/singer/songwriter can catch him and the Frankie Moreno band at 10 p.m. Tuesdays at the Palms. Tickets cost $7.

"In the last nine months, my whole world has changed," Moreno says. "It's amazing."

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Calif., Moreno moved to Nashville, Tenn., to become a songwriter when he was 18. Nine years ago, he moved to Vegas and has been playing the lounge scene ever since. That is, when he wasn't touring with Sugarland or Air Supply.

Moreno landed his record deal after recording a new version of "Eleanor Rigby" with classical violinist Joshua Bell. The song was so popular, Sony offered Moreno his own album, he says.

"The fan list on my website just skyrocketed; it went from thousands to millions," Moreno says. "It's since become the No. 1-downloaded crossover classical song on Amazon."

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