Pick a side with Ani DiFranco

On her latest album, Ani DiFranco claims to disrobe every time she opens her mouth, such is the extent to which the singer-songwriter bares herself in her diary-candid folk.

The record in question, “Which Side Are You On?,” DiFranco’s 17th, finds her penduluming between the personal and the political in typically forthright fashion, her voice as unadorned as her emotions.

There’s a sense of resolve, in places.

“You know I have enjoyed my life / It’s been exciting,” DiFranco sings on “Unworry.” “And I’ve become more peaceful / No more fighting.”

But then on the very next song, the album’s title track, a Peter Seeger tune, her fists are clenched once again.

“We voted for an end to war / New direction,” she announces. “We ain’t gonna stop now” — or ever, most likely.

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