‘Pawn Stars’ gets satirized in ‘Breaking Bad’-style video

So Julia Louis-Dreyfus walks into “Pawn Stars” — whoops, I meant to say — so Julia Louis-Dreyfus walks into a pawnshop to sell her “Seinfeld” Emmy to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Dreyfus — who was born into the multibillion-dollar Louis Dreyfus Group lineage of platinum-eagle wealth — says she needs extra money to buy an island like our very own Celine Dion did.

Cranston and Paul, the “Breaking Bad” stars, play the mysterious pawnshop liars.

The result is this viral video to promote Monday’s Emmys.

It’s a sendup of our Vegas “Pawn Stars” cast; the popularity of “Breaking Bad”; the desperate nature of actors and actresses; and the artificial construct of “reality” shows.

My favorite delivered line is Dreyfus’ saying, “Drama’s a cinch.” She’s still got it.

By the way, a pharmacy clerk recently told me “Breaking Bad” popularized the way people make homemade meth by buying Allegra-D at the pharmacy, so he hates the show for making him deal with crappy meth heads all day.

Now I can’t hear the phrase “Breaking Bad” without thinking about cruddy-complexion “Breaking Bad” viewers standing in line in front of me at Walgreens.

C’est la vie. Enjoy your video.