Rye Rye channeling M.I.A.

M.I.A. does more than just co-write, produce and guest on several tracks on “Go! Pop! Bang!,” the frenzied debut from rapper/fashion plate Rye Rye, she serves as big sister and creative muse for the 23-year-old Baltimore native.

On “Go! Pop! Bang!,” Rye Rye offers an Americanized version of M.I.A.’s artistically anarchic hip-hop, swapping out references to Sri Lankan revolutionaries for rhymes about booties going up and down like elevators.

They both share a love for sonic chaos and brightly colored album covers, but Rye Rye is a bit more focused on the dance floor, even if attempting to bust moves to some of her more breathless tracks could result in busted appendages.

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