Engelbert Humperdinck putting on a show at M Resort

Pressing questions about Engelbert Humperdinck’s return to Las Vegas: Will he keep his shirt mostly buttoned or not?

It was “not” when he last played Paris Las Vegas a couple of years ago. Bold move for a cat now 77, but the ’60s sex symbol’s spare tire was still smaller than that of the husbands of many of his retirement-age fans.

And the former Arnold George Dorsey’s years as a showman proved he was an entertainer beyond old hits such as “A Man Without Love,” which don’t match the retro cool of career rival Tom Jones.

Humperdinck and an eight-piece band tore into the likes of Santana’s “Smooth” and Bryan Adams’ “To Love a Woman.” And he had a way with a joke, that way sometimes being to tell it in an Inspector Clouseau voice.

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