Get shocked by pranksters Steve-O, Tom Green

They share a past in a shock-rock brand of reality TV, but it was stand-up comedy that brought Tom Green and Steve-O together.

“We’d crossed paths a few times on the road and we’re good friends,” Green explained when the two were last in town in January.

Steve-O (Stephen Glover) was a frequent guest on Green’s Internet radio show. When he did a walk-on during Green’s set at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, Green says they realized, “there’s a lot of crossover between my fans and fans of ‘Jackass.’ ”

“I actually started doing stand-up when I was quite young, as a kid in Canada,” Green said. “I was a little too young to be doing it at the time,” but the experience laid the groundwork for the video antics of the MTV show he’s now best known for.

“The Tom Green Show” wasn’t “just about the stunts and the pranks,” he said.

Now, “I just find it very cathartic in a lot of ways. To be able to talk about personal experiences that I’ve had, and be able to rant about things I find ridiculous about the world that we’re living in ... and not have to deal with any creative restrictions or anything like that.”

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