Show & Tell: Jennifer Roush of 'Show in the Sky'

Meet Jennifer Roush

Rio’s “Show in the Sky”

Hometown: Germany

Age: 32

Born in Germany (“My father was in the Air Force, so that’s all I know”) and grew up in Oklahoma. ... Started dancing at the age of 5 after her father noticed that she’d start to move whenever music came on. ... Holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance education and an Arizona cosmetology license. ... Came to Las Vegas eight years ago, hoping to land a part in a show and save enough to open her own dance studio/hair salon. ... Landed a role in hypnotist Marshall Sylver’s stage show (but says that she, herself, never could be hypnotized). ... Other Las Vegas credits include Hawaiian Tropic Zone and the show “Ignite.” ... Weirdest “Show in the Sky” float-riding experiences include being flashed by audience members (both male and female). ... Hopes to one day study for a Nevada cosmetology license and open a business here.

why she loves to dance

“The thing I like most about dance, still, to this day, is the satisfaction it brings to the audience and people who are watching. Not only do I get to express myself — it’s like therapy for me — but I feel like I can reach out and touch people and move people. So, it’s like a win-win situation.”