Show & Tell: Meeka Onstead of 'X Burlesque'

Meet Meeka Onstead

“X Burlesque”

Hometown: Durban, South Africa

Age: 29

Mother is from South Africa and father is from Texas. ... Moved to Las Vegas as a child. ... Spent much of her childhood training in gymnastics. ... Became an Olympic-level gymnast, but left the sport at 15 after suffering a serious knee injury. ... Transitioned into dancing at 16, teaching herself by watching dancers and adapting bits of their style into her own. ... Auditioned for and landed a role in “Folies Bergere” at the age of 16 (her mom had to sign a waiver). ... Joined “X Burlesque” at 19. ... Other Las Vegas credits include dancing for Toni Braxton for three years. ... Also does choreography for “X Burlesque” and would one day like to produce her own show.

On her favorite number in “X Burlesque”:

“I’d have to say my pole solo. I know it sounds very ... whatever (laughs). I never learned pole tricks, but our producers decided one day to put a pole in our show and they got us lessons. For me, it’s gymnastics and dancing put together. It’s like beginning in (gymnastics horizontal) bars and being able to swing around. It’s like having an apparatus.”