Show & Tell: Meet Celina Nightengale of 'Rock of Ages'

Meet Celina Nightengale

“Rock of Ages”

Hometown: Denver

Age: “I’m in the 18-to-30 range.”

Yes, it’s really her name. ... Started taking dance lessons as a kid and calls tap “one of my hidden weapons, because not a lot of people tap these days.” ... Knew around age 5 that she wanted to move to Los Angeles and be a dancer. ... Mom insisted she go to college first; holds a degree in communications and marketing from the University of Denver. ... During college, captained her college dance team, danced on the Colorado Mammoth (pro lacrosse) dance squad and assisted the Denver Nuggets’ dance team coach. ... Moved to Los Angeles on a dance scholarship after graduating. ... First big job: “Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular.” ... Danced in Janet Jackson’s “Rock With U” video and recently appeared as a showgirl and body-doubled for Alicia Keys in Keys’ “Tears Always Win” video. ... Original member of the Las Vegas “Rock of Ages” cast.

On ‘Rock of Ages’ ’80s vibe:

“It’s such a deja vu thing. When I first moved to Hollywood, that was what you did: You walked on Sunset, you checked out the cool places like the Whisky and the Roxy, and some of the shows I did were down there, on the Strip. And the Angelyne poster we have onstage, that was one of the first billboards I saw in L.A. I was, like, ‘Who’s this crazy lady on this poster?’ (Laughs) That’s one of my first memories.”