Singer chills a bit with Crosses

As frontman for moody metallers Deftones, Chino Moreno broadens the emotional range of mosh-pit-catalyzing heaviness with a voice that could double as a barbiturate, as soothing as it is scarifying when sharpened into a shriek.

In side project Crosses, Moreno still sings hard enough at times that you can practically hear the blood rushing to his head and his face flushing from the exertion.

But he does so much more judiciously and over an entirely different backdrop, one of percolating electronics and slinky, shadowy rhythms that haunt the band’s songs like poltergeists.

The trio, which is completed by Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and bassist Chuck Doom, recently released their self-titled debut full-length, and it’s the musical equivalent of pulling the blinds on a sunny day, all dark corners and cool shade.

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