“Supernatural” convention, their crazy fans returning to Vegas

It seems like yesterday the WB/CW TV show “Supernatural” debuted, chronicling the fictional lives of a couple of ghostbusting bros. And yet, it has been nearly a decade.

Now the cast is returning to Vegas for a convention where fans can pay to hear the actors talk (I love when actors talk) and to meet them and get photos with them, yada. You know how conventions go.

It’s March 13-16 at the Rio. You fanatics can register here.

Some of you are wondering, “Is this TV show really so popular it has its own convention in Vegas where people fly from around the globe just to ogle the sex symbol stars?”

The answer to your question is a resounding “apparently so, apparently so.”

But if you are a hater (don’t be a hater), just watch this little YouTube compile of previous conventions to see how nice and fun-loving the actors seem to be to each other. I like nice, as you know, so I give them points for kindness and silliness alone.