99 Words About ... The ubiquity of 'Rectify's' Abigail Spencer

She’s that girl.

Not “That Girl.” “That Girl’s” still Marlo Thomas.

Abigail Spencer, though, repeatedly strolls onto a buzzy series, briefly steals the spotlight, makes viewers say, “There’s that girl again!” and vanishes, always leaving you wanting more.

She’s bewitched “Mad Men’s” Don Draper and befuddled “Suits’ ” Harvey Specter.

She’s part of the Internet-to-TV hilarity of “Childrens Hospital” and “Burning Love.”

Now, she’s starring in “Rectify” (9 p.m. Monday, Sundance), a haunting, hypnotic look at a man wrongly imprisoned for 19 years.

Or was he?

But at just six episodes, like most of her work, it’s far too brief.