99 Words About ... The wacky hijinks of 'Gigolos'

It’s developing a “Duck Dynasty” vibe.

Relax. The guys on “Gigolos” (11 p.m. Thursdays, Showtime) haven’t grown hideous beards. The Vegas-based “reality” show just feels more sitcommy.

Take the scene where Nick brags about his long-awaited song: “We tippin’ and we sippin’ and we doin’ it up; we tippin’ and we sippin’, nobody do it like us.”

Vin’s face twitches and contorts like he’s been possessed as he tries to avoid laughing directly in Nick’s face.

Or when their pimp proudly christens a newcomer Blake Lords.

“Stupidest name ever. And this is coming from a guy named Vin Armani.”