Vegas backdrop for 'Witch Mountain'

Movie: "Race to Witch Mountain"

When: Opening Friday at local theaters

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb, Alexander Ludwig, Carla Gugino, Ciaran Hinds.

Director: Andy Fickman

The story: A hard-luck Las Vegas cabby picks up a pair of teens -- who turn out to be extraterrestrials trying to save their planet, and ours, before a murderous alien cyborg (or a sinister government agency) can stop them.

The buzz: This "reimagining" of the 1975 Disney live-action hit "Escape to Witch Mountain" reunites star Dwayne Johnson (the actor formerly known as The Rock) with "Game Plan" director Andy Fickman, who helped tailor the lead role for his leading man -- and rode along with Las Vegas cabdrivers to catch them in action so he could incorporate some of their stories into the script.