Reader looking for devil's food pistachio layer cake

As you may have noticed, we're reformulating the recipe for the Taste section this week.

The Taste of the Town column has moved inside the section and will be anchored on this page. On the front of the section we've introduced A La Carte, which will bring you new restaurants, recipes from new cookbooks, recipes from our email inbox, tips on new products, food-related websites, wacky food news and more.

We're also adding a new feature to the Taste of the Town column: requests for forgotten, misplaced or abandoned recipes. Send me your request and I'll try to find the recipe; if I can't find it, I'll turn to our sharp-eyed readers for help.

Which brings me to our first request: Judy Stevens emailed in search of the recipe for the devil's food pistachio layer cake produced by the Heinemann's Bakery in the Chicago area, which Stevens remembers from growing up there in the '50s. I couldn't find the recipe, although I did discover that Heinemann's still is serving Chicago-area supermarkets and still produces the cake. (If you have a business and want to order four 40-ounce cakes, you might be able to do that, although whether the current version is the same as the original appears to be the subject of some debate.)

And so I'm turning this one over to you, readers. ...

We also have some finds for other readers: For Claudette Dorian, who's looking for huckleberry ice cream, Beth More suggested Winco, which carries Tillamook Mountain Huckleberry. There's a Winco at 80 N. Stephanie St. in Henderson and one at 6101 N. Decatur Blvd. ...

For Lynne Davidson, David Fleury reported finding boxes of frozen breaded scallops at Glazier's Food Marketplace at 8525 W. Warm Springs Road. ...

For Dottie Randesi, who's looking for a local source for Adobo seasoning, Pat Kennedy reported finding two or three flavors at Food 4 Less at 4001 S. Decatur Blvd. ...

Here are more reader requests.

Robert Lepore: whole-wheat lasagna noodles, which he used to get at Sunflower Farmer's Market;

Wendy Pachla of Hurricane, Utah: Sahlen skinless hot dogs, a haddock fish fry and Platter's orange chocolate;

Greg Marks: fresh - not previously frozen - Dungeness crab, in a seafood market or fish market;

Jackie Bullock of Bullhead City, Ariz.: a Las Vegas Valley source for Crystal Wing Sauce;

Carol Koch: Custom brand vegetarian base powder;

Charles Clay: pimento cheese (not pimento cheese spread), which he used to get at Food 4 Less;

Alberta Fogle: Grandma Sycamore's Home Maid bread;

And Cheri Carr: a darkish sourdough bread with cranberries or raisins and nuts that she used to get at The Flame steakhouse at the El Cortez.


Submit information to Heidi Knapp Rinella, P.O. Box 70, Las Vegas, NV 89125-0070. You also can send faxes to 383-4676 or email her at hrinella@reviewjournal.com. Include your first and last names and, if emailing, put "Taste of the Town" in the subject line. Because of the volume of mail received, we can't respond to each request. Follow @HKRinella on Twitter.