It looks like banner season for governor's defenders as well as detractors

Everyone wants to get into the act.

The responses to my request for ideas to replace the banner that hangs above Gov. Jim Gibbons' Carson City office continue to flow in from both sides of the political aisle. I'm beginning to get the feeling someone could turn this into a full-time job.

The beleaguered Gibbons, suffering from low approval ratings, a vicious pending divorce, alienation at the Legislature, and little chance for an improved economy in the next year, decided to bolster staff morale recently by placing a banner above his office door. It reads: "The people of the state of Nevada deserve a government that works for them, not against them."

If less than original, that's a perfectly nice slogan. The governor should be able to slap it on bumper stickers and T-shirts from Searchlight to Jackpot if he so desires.

But, well, let's just say it's sparked a bit of cynicism from his many critics and a few head slaps my way from some of his remaining friends.

From the cynical side comes Ed Dodril: "If they knew what this banner cost, I'd be impeached."

This from Gibbons-backer Michael Cannon: "Are you just so mad at the governor because he is sidestepping the media and taking his message directly to the people of Nevada?

"I noticed several snide comments about his methods of communication including a swipe at the Podcast he posts regularly. I'm surprised he didn't start bypassing the organized media and your extreme anti-conservative bias long ago."

I'm not mad at the governor, Mr. Cannon. On the contrary.

In my line of work, he's money in the bank.

BANK BLUES: More bad news this week for Community Bank of Nevada. It's out of NASDAQ compliance after failing to file its year-end company report with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The bank said it expects to be able to submit the report later this year and regain its compliance status with the stock market.

Longtime business executive and banking industry observers continue to watch Community Bank's status, but in a recent interview Chairman Edward Jamison told me he expected the company to weather the current financial storm and return to form along with Southern Nevada's economy.

FISHY BIDDING?: Las Vegas Paving's bid for work with Clark County was millions higher than the bid placed by Fisher Sand and Gravel, but it still managed to win a contract thanks to a lopsided vote of the Clark County Commission this week.

Las Vegas Paving has a long and successful business track record and has spent many years grooming its relationship with local government, but Fisher isn't going away quietly.

PAINTING OPPORTUNITY: Who were those painters mixing it up the other day at the Opportunity Village Thrift Store on Main Street? None other than a group of volunteers that included state Supreme Court Justice Ron Parraguirre, wife Leslie Parraguirre, Mike Sloan, Barbara Molasky, students from Bishop Gorman High School, and representatives of the National Charity League. With help from John Ogden of Denko Painting and Drywall, the walls actually received more paint than the floor.

AMAZING HONOR: City employees receive few kind words these days, but Jonathan Foster deserves communitywide applause for his role in making the Adaptive Recreation program a success. Foster was honored with an "Amazing Award" by the U.S. Paralympic Committee for his efforts in Southern Nevada.

ON THE BOULEVARD: Don't forget the 20th annual Joe Williams Benefit Concert at 2 p.m. Saturday at the South Point showroom. Proceeds generate scholarships for College of Southern Nevada music students. ... Mayor Oscar Goodman was interviewed by CNN newsman John King for an upcoming news feature. I don't wonder if the savvy King asked Goodman about the mayor's recent criticism of President Barack Obama. ... The successful run of Elton John, who bowed out at Caesars Palace this week after 241 shows and five years, adds a little perspective to the incredible energy and longevity of Siegfried and Roy and other perennial Strip acts, which managed to string together thousands of sold-out performances.

BOULEVARD II: The friends and family of Michael Ponzio aren't finished fighting to receive some solid answers in connection with his March 17, 2007, auto accident-related death. No charges have been filed against the woman who drove the car that killed 27-year-old Ponzio.

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