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Search for Spam sushi in valley is over

It’s not for nothing that Las Vegas is sometimes referred to as the ninth island. Among the latest restaurants to salute Hawaiian cuisine, Island Sushi & Grill presents its Spam sushi layered with tamago, the sweet omelet, and the Japanese seasoning furikake and eel sauce.

Preference for towel rack height, placement can differ

Dear Gail: I’m getting ready to remodel my bathroom and my contractor has so many questions for me I don’t know the answers to. Mainly, he wants to know how high or exactly where to place items such as my towel rack, toilet paper holder and towel rings. Where I should place these? — Suzanne

It takes a lot of measuring to hang a picture

Q: How do you hang pictures? I know about hammering a nail in a wall and hanging a picture on it, but I am having real trouble with the larger pictures that have a bracket on each side. Also, do the nails that the pictures hang from need to be hammered into a wall stud?

17 creative ways to save money at Disneyland

The “happiest place on earth” is a top destination on many families’ bucket lists, though admittedly, it’s not the most budget-friendly vacation spot. However, if you plan ahead, this magical, unforgettable destination doesn’t have to put a large dent in your budget.