8 reasons to look forward to spring in Las Vegas

Spring seems to have started a few weeks early in Las Vegas this year but it’s not here in full force yet. We turned to our Facebook fans to see why we should all be looking forward to spring. Here’s what they had to say:

1. The weather

It’s finally warm enough to eat outside, but it’s not so warm we have to bust out the potholders when we hop in the car. You can finally walk around in short sleeves but it’s not warm enough that you don’t want to walk around, period. And for a few glorious weeks, you can get away without using either your air conditioner or your heater. And then summer comes.

2. We’re one step closer to summer

On the flip side, who are we kidding, summer is awesome. Sure, it gets hot — really hot, sometimes — but you don’t notice that in the office during the heat of the day.

“I love it here, spring, summer, fall, winter,” one commenter wrote. “Go live in Nebraska for awhile and you will be thankful for the weather here!”

3. More daylight

Warmth is nice, but it’s hard to get too excited about it when we feel like we’re living in a lightless dungeon by the time we get off work. The good news is that by the time spring rolls around, the days are finally starting to get longer. And all bets are off once Daylight Saving Times comes to town: It’s nothing but barbecues and patios for months.

4. The start of festival season

If you’re bored in Las Vegas, you’re not trying hard enough. There’s never a shortage of things to do in the Entertainment Capital of the World. But springtime is when the city really starts to shine. It feels like every weekend, there’s a different festival to check out, culminating with the Electric Daisy Carnival, which technically starts this year on the last day of spring, so we’re counting it.

5. The colors

“Nature at work,” one commenter said. The bright green trees against a blue sky (most of the time), flowers blooming and sunsets … doing their thing. Las Vegas may be a desert, but it’s an oasis of color in the spring.

6. The hummingbirds come back

“We have 25 hummingbirds living here,” a commenter said. And there are plenty more to be found. Sure, Las Vegas isn’t unique in seeing wildlife return in the spring, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it just the same. “Love being able to put out new flowers, seeing the hummies come back, eating outdoors … bring it on!” another commenter wrote.

7. Open windows

Springtime breezes aren’t hair dryer winds yet, so we can throw our windows open and get some air moving around the house without feeling like we’re suffocating in the heat. Another bonus: spring cleaning seems so much more effective when your house feels as fresh as a Tide commercial.

8. Desert wildflowers

Even though it feels like it’s barely rained since Thanksgiving (because it’s true), all the rain we got last fall means one very colorful thing: wildflowers. So many readers were excited about the wildflowers it would be hard to quote just one, so keep your eyes out and grab your camera once spring finally arrives.

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