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Literary Las Vegas: Marie Rose

Las Vegas author, public speaker and radio personality Marie Rose guides readers on a journey of empowerment and encourages them to break through self-imposed bonds in her book, “Change Your Layers … Change Your Life!”

Literary Las Vegas: Mary B. Leon Vail

Summerlin-based public relations professional Mary B. Leon Vail shares her experiences giving time, money and talents in the book “What’s Your Philanthropic Footprint? A Guide to Establishing a Path of Positive Community Activism.”

Literary Las Vegas: Kenneth Kit Lamug

Take one part “Where’s Waldo,” mix in liberal doses of “Dr. Who” and “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” sprinkle in comic book-style illustrations and you’ve got “The Tall Tales of Talbot Toluca: Quest for the Ore Crystals.”

Literary Las Vegas: Vickie Franks

In 1982, at 30, Vickie Franks hit a low point in her life and attempted suicide. Instead of hearing a shot when she pulled the trigger, she is convinced she heard a voice telling her, “Don’t do it, Jesus loves you.”