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Readers can dive right into ‘The Joy of Swimming’

Find out why you’ll want to cover your eyes if you visit an Icelandic locker room. See how even Michael Phelps is slow, compared to a sailfish. Get the real definition of a swimming hole. And find out why some people take bandages along when visiting a public pool in Japan.

Literary Las Vegas: Raymond Blackwood

Local author Raymond Blackwood follows the transformation of Barbra Paige, a young widow who takes on the name Champagne Miller and goes on a quest for retribution and answers, in the crime thriller “Champagne Heights.”

Literary Las Vegas: Ross Fried

“From Reckless to Recovery” author Ross Fried’s life fell apart when his parents divorced. His mother left, his father uprooted him, and eventually Fried ended up couch surfing with friends, homeless in high school.

Transgender teen shares triumphs and traumas in new book

As a very small child, Jazz Jennings knew that something was wrong with the way adults were acting toward her. Her parents dressed her in boy clothes, gave her trucks and said things like “Good boy!” But Jennings knew even before she could speak that they were wrong. She was a girl, though her body said otherwise.