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Literary Las Vegas: Vince Antonucci

Vince Antonucci is the founder of Verve, an innovative Las Vegas church that strives to welcome all and love the sinner even if it doesn’t love the sin. In his book, “God for the Rest of Us,” he talks about why he and his supporters defied the “Who Will Jesus Destroy” evangelists on Fremont Street by handing out fliers that asserted, “The truth is that God loves … homosexuals, gamblers, strippers, abortionists, prostitutes, addicts, and you.”

Kids can take an armchair trip with ‘National Parks Guide U.S.A.’

A hundred years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt “made it his mission” to preserve as much natural land as possible, “so thatfuture generations could enjoy” it. So what’s your family interested in seeing this summer? Do you like history or hiking?Swimming or soldiers? Animals or American statues? You’ll find them all in parks — and you’ll find them in this book.

New book follows man on a monarch mission

Kids who hold a fascination with caterpillars and bugs will find a kindred spirit in Linda Vander Heyden’s title character. Mr. McGinty is smart and definitely resourceful, but also a little childlike in his need for the butterflies’ well-being and his zeal to save the caterpillars at any cost.

Literary Las Vegas: Bonnie J. Snowden

Readers of Las Vegas author Bonnie J. Snowden’s fantasy novel learn from the start that Ankh is born of two worlds, an abomination as far as Queen Mira is concerned. And it is only the queen who can reveal the truth behind Ankh’s mother’s gifts and a vindictive ruler’s curse.