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Literary Las Vegas: Donald A. Ozello

Las Vegas-based chiropractor Donald A. Ozello insists, “Running-associated injuries are preventable and manageable with smart training principles, proper warm-up, quality footwear, overall body conditioning, a thorough cool-down and intelligent nutritional and supplementation strategies.”

Literary Las Vegas: Anna Mae Zuccari-Teitelbaum

Henderson author Anna Mae Zuccari-Teitelbaum takes readers on a haunted ride through the dreams of a woman recovering from a sleeping pill overdose in the novel “You’ll Never Know or Will You?” Visions of the horrors of her life from abuse during childhood to ongoing domestic problems fill her head as she fights to regain her life. Zuccari-Teitelbaum is also the author of the children’s book “The Land of Cukoa: The Adventure of the Missing Cuckoo.”