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Literary Las Vegas: Toni K. Pacini

Las Vegas writer Toni K. Pacini’s “Alabama Blue: A Southern Gothic Memoir” takes readers on a wild ride beginning beneath the tattered wings of a neglectful mother. “I always had to stay awake when Momma drank to make sure she didn’t drop a lit cigarette when she nodded off; it was a survival thing,” Pacini said.

Literary Las Vegas: Vicki-Ann Bush

Although fictional, “The Garden of Two” is based on Las Vegas author Vicki-Ann Bush’s experiences with young love. The centerpiece of the historic romance is a garden James Whitman commissioned for his wife, Elizabeth, “a place to sort outwhatever weighs heavily on your mind or heart,” a place he keeps tending to even after his wife is gone.

New Berkeley Breathed book will charm all ages

I have no socks. Author Berkley Breathed just charmed them off me. Kids will love the colorfully wild illustrations and the basic tale of love and friendship in “The Bill the Cat Story.” They’ll appreciate Bill’s underwear and his goofy “ack.”