Literary Las Vegas: 'Tales From Fremont Street'

"Tales From Fremont Street," a collection of six interconnected graphic stories edited by Pop! Goes the Icon publisher Pj Perez, taps the talents of Ed Hawkins, The Fillbach Brothers (Matt and Shawn), Jarret Keene, Victor Moya, Deryl Skelton, F. Andrew Taylor, Evan Dent, Warren Wucinich, Dylan Todd and Jska Priebe.

"Spinning Tales from Fremont Street," an exhibit of original art, sketches and notes from the comic book, is scheduled to be on display during November and December at the Marjorie Barrick Museum at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 4505 S. Maryland Parkway.

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Excerpt from "Tales From Fremont Street"

Las Vegas is a city of heat and passion.

A city where devilry runs hand in hand with revelry...

...Where fate throws dice with fortune's breathy kiss, and only the sun blasted pavement remembers our sins.

Las Vegas is a graveyard for dreams and a twinkling lightshow of basest impulses.

A playground for those who've forgotten where they want to be, and don't want to remember where they might've gone.

Las Vegas is a one night stand.