In Case You Missed It: Waffles the Terrible lives up to his name

First off, naming a cat Waffles the Terrible is flat out awesome. The fact that the name fits perfectly is pure genius.

According to Waffles’ owner, this fluffy feline “fails alot … every day at one thing or another” and on this occasion the curious cat lives up to his name … again.

We find Waffles the Terrible on the snow-covered roof of a van attempting to jump up to the top of a snow-covered garage.

On his first attempt he slips, but catches himself before sliding down the windshield. Undeterred, Waffles the Terrible goes for it all on his second attempt and with everything he’s got launches himself toward the garage.

One problem. His feet slip out from under him and he does a dead man’s dive to nowhere.

Poor Waffles didn’t stand a chance, but that’s OK. His owners love him and all of his faults.

“Even though he is big fail we love him anyways,” they write.

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