Dining pick of the week: Taqueria Taco Shop



Inside La Bonita supermarkets, 672 Las Vegas Blvd. North, 657-6518; 2405 E. Ogden Ave., 310-3663; 2021 Civic Center Drive, 310-3663

Shopping can make you hungry, and La Bonita Supermarkets know this. Inside are taco shops that offer customers a light snack or a full meal. The setting is cordial with plenty of tables and chairs and music. Besides the many shoppers taking a break, there are an equal number of customers off the street who know where to find a great taco. Tacos can be made with broiled or fried pork, tongue, chicken, chorizo, broiled beef, tripe and buce (pork stomach). Many of these same items can be made into tortas or sandwiches. Among the burritos are chicharron (pork skin) or cabeza (beef head). There are soups, quesadillas, hamburgers, tamales and guacamole. Several platters are fish filet with rice and beans, chile relleno and a large nacho platter. Early shoppers can find several eggs dishes, including omelets and breakfast burritos made with ham, sausage or shredded beef that come with hash browns. The veggie burrito has onions, tomatoes and green bell peppers. Complete the meal by adding several items from the very fresh salsa bar. Tacos start at $1.25 and special platters at $4.99. Taqueria Taco Shops open at 6 a.m. daily. -- Jack Bulavsky