Henderson businesses make green choices daily, not just on Earth Day

Even though April 22 is Earth Day, several businesses in Henderson have decided to make “green” choices on a daily basis.

“With the lifestyle we have, from the things we eat to the clothes we produce, we are using more energy,” said Mahamed Youssouf, owner of Green Cleaners and Alteration Center, 9555 S. Eastern Ave. . “The more conscious we are, the better the environment. We only have one Earth. We have to treat it right.”

Boyd Gaming’s laundry facility, 2200 Moser Drive, is one local business that has decided to be as eco-friendly as possible. The facility handles all of the laundry needs for the company’s properties.

According to Darryl Haase, director of linen and uniform services for Boyd Gaming, the complex was the first laundry facility in the country to receive the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.

“We have a Silver Certification,” Haase said.

Haase said the facility uses 27 percent less electricity and 47 percent less natural gas than a standard laundry facility by cutting annual carbon dioxide emissions by about 40 percent.

The facility also uses less energy by having skylights and evaporative coolers, which use less electricity than a standard air-conditioning system.

The facility also uses detergents that have natural enzymes opposed to chemicals, which are far less harmful to the environment. These detergents don’t require much heat to be activated, unlike other standard detergents.

Environmentally friendly practices started when the facility was being built in 2008. Instead of using fresh materials to build the laundry facility, Boyd took 100,000 square feet of the old concrete from the former Boyd building , ground it and remixed it to create the floors of the new laundry facility.

But environmentally friendly practices for laundry services aren’t used just by larger businesses .

Green Cleaners is a small family-owned business that hopes to make an impact.

“Consumer demand is changing,” Youssouf said. “We have to be mindful of everything we do.”

Green Cleaners uses a natural enzyme to clean its products .

After the clothes are cleaned, Green Cleaners puts them in biodegradable plastics. The business even asks customers to return their hangers so they can be reused.

“We always try to research to make sure we are aware of the latest green products,” Youssouf said.

Simple Computer Repair, 10525 S. Eastern Ave., also works to be eco-friendly.

Mary Vigneault, a customer service representative, said people aren’t aware of the “e-waste” that comes from throwing away electronics.

“People put their stuff into trash, and it ends up in the water,” Vigneault said. “There are chemicals in electronics — cellphones , computers. I see all this equipment in the trash. And that’s the thing: It could be used.”

Instead of putting old computers in the trash, Simple Computer Repair is encouraging people to turn them in.

If salvageable, Simple Computer Repair will fix the computers and give them to people or organizations in need. This program is part of Simple Computer Repair’s connected nonprofit called Computer4Cause.

Sometimes, businesses have to think outside the box to be green.

Realm of Design Inc., 1188 Center Point Drive, a company that specializes in architectural reproductions and designs, created its own eco-friendly product .

Seeing that Americans generate almost 13 million tons of glass waste each year, Scott McCombs, owner of Realm of Design, conceived a plan to use some of the wasted material.

“Scott was thinking he had to find a way to use all this glass,” said Cindy McCombs, Scott’s wife and business partner.

His solution was to take glass recycled from Mandalay Bay and Luxor and create green stone, which is made from 99.8 percent renewable materials, including 100 percent glass aggregate.

McCombs receives the glass from the Strip, crushes it and mixes it into the product.

“Even the glass crusher we have runs on less energy to crush,” said Cindy McCombs.

The green stone can be used to produce Realm of Design creations such as fire mantels, corbels or wall veneer pavers.

Realm of Design even constructed a building, which is the business’ new warehouse, from green stone.

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