Search site focuses on Boulder Highway corridor

For almost two years, has featured hundreds of businesses along the Boulder Highway corridor with the goal of advertising, promoting and offering a more localized search option.

Peter Maksymec, founder of, created the website in 2010 because he knows how difficult it can be to navigate other search sites.

"People have had unfortunate experiences," Maksymec said. "I want to show them how easy and beneficial this is for them."

Maksymec, who moved to Las Vegas in 1979, worked in the gaming industry, including at several casinos along Boulder Highway, until he retired.

"I was the general manager at Nevada Palace until it closed," Maksymec said.

While working on Boulder Highway, he noticed how hard it was to attract customers. In 2010, he purchased the domain name with the intent of starting a marketing, advertising and search site for businesses along the corridor.

He contracted web development company to help him launch the site.

"My vision was, is and will be to be a full-blown community website," Maksymec said. "When I was looking for a model, I didn't find anything that quite fit the description."

To engage businesses, Maksymec went door-to-door to encourage owners to join the mission. The cost is $240 a year.

Maksymec said the website features a variety of establishments along the 17-mile corridor.

"It starts at Railroad Pass Casino," Maksymec said. "Boulder Highway ends at Sahara. We go all the way to Charleston because we know a few businesses there that need to get exposure."

The website isn't confined to Boulder Highway. Maksymec said it includes some of the surrounding areas, such as the Water Street District in Henderson and Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

"We go as far west as Eastern," Maksymec said.

With the site, Maksymec wants to enable residents to find resources in the area they live in.

"Say they are looking for a plumber," Maksymec said. "There might be a plumber closer to you that you can find on the site."

When people use other search engines, Maksymec said, some of the local places might not come up as the first results, hindering some businesses.

"This gives businesses like that an anchor," Maksymec said.

Users can access the site to find other things to do, as well as ideas of where to shop or eat in the area. The website also features information about walking trails and museums, such as the Clark County Museum, 1830 S. Boulder Highway.

There are about 200 business and organizations on the website.

"Not all are paying clients," Maksymec said.

Through, businesses can have a web page that allows them to share information about the business, contact information and photos.

"We have mom-and-pop businesses on the site," Maksymec said. "Some don't have a website for their business."

Maksymec said the business is given a password to access its specific page and can control its content.

"And they can use it as their website," Maksymec said.

Verna Montgomery, owner of Henderson-based VJ Hats Boutique at 10 W. Pacific Ave., connected her business to the website in February.

"Peter caught my attention at the Water Street District Business Association meeting," Montgomery said. "I saw the vision he had from it."

Since joining the website, new customers have visited the store, she said.

"People specifically say they found us because of," Montgomery said. "I can see the benefits it has for vendors."

Montgomery thinks the site is great, especially for startup companies.

"People can just plug their website in to (," Montgomery said. "They don't have to reinvent the wheel."

Bigger businesses and organizations that have a website, such as the Emerald Island Casino in downtown Henderson, can link their site to

Maksymec already foresees his website growing into a popular tool. According to, which he uses to track web data such as visitors, is ranked about 330,000th in the world.

"You might not think that's good, but it actually is," Maksymec said. "It's slow, but we are growing."

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