You know that blistering sunburn that destroyed your vacation last summer but makes for a great story at cocktail parties? Yeah, it more than doubled your risk of getting melanoma. To further your wake-up call, the American Cancer Society would like you to also know that one in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetimes. And, don't even get us started on the wrinkles.

Now that we've got your attention, it's time for some good news. Cosmetic companies have decided to do their part in the fight against skin cancer with products that make prevention every beauty goddess's top priority. It's makeup with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and it can do you a lot more good than just hiding the dark circles under your eyes.

"Makeup (with SPF) is a good way to put a layer or two of sunscreen on, especially with the climate we live in," says Dr. Regan Holdridge of Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada. Holdrige notes that most women will make a point of reapplying their makeup throughout the day. Moisturizer with SPF, on the other hand, typically goes on once and is left on the vanity until the next day.

It looks like you just found the best excuse possible to make a trip to Sephora: your health. Take a look at a few of our makeup suggestions. All of them contain an SPF of at least 15.