Dim sum fans can find a lot to like at KJ's Kitchen

KJ's Kitchen at the Rio provides dim sum lovers with another dining option.

The restaurant, which opened in January, is the second location for KJ's (the original is on Spring Mountain Road), says co-owner David So. They decided to open at the Rio, 3700 W. Flamingo Road, because they saw a need for another dim sum restaurant in Las Vegas, he says.

"Dim sum is a really very popular lunch because people like to gather together to have a cup of tea and eat like a family-style meal," So says.

KJ's Kitchen offers more than 55 dim sum items ranging in price from $2.28 to $3.98. All the traditional favorites are there including shu mai, har gow and barbecue pork buns.

A traditional menu also is available for lunch. Dim sum service ends at 3 p.m. but some items are available for dinner, So says.

The dining room seats 400; reservations are suggested for large parties. The restaurant is open daily, 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Dim sum: crystal shrimp har gow, $3.18; shu mai, $3.18; fried shrimp ball, $3.18; steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaf, $3.98

Appetizers: deep-fried crab claws, $8.50; spring rolls, $5.95; lobster egg roll, $8.95; mushu chicken $7.95

Vegetables and tofu dishes: sauteed Chinese greens, $12.95; Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, $12.95; braised string beans, $12.95; fried bean curd, $11.95

Soups: crabmeat with sweet corn soup, $13.95; hot and sour soup, $13.95; West Lake beef egg flower soup, $13.95

Entrees: Beef chow fun, $12.95 dinner; sweet and sour pork, $11.95; Mongolian beef, $12.95; steamed bean curd with stuffed shrimp, $11.95; Peking duck, $42; sizzling scallops with black pepper, $22.95

Information: 777-2333