Friends try to prank man with 5 DUIs into sobriety

A comedian concerned about his reckless friend set up an elaborate prank in an attempt to scare him straight.

Comedian Tom Mabe planned the prank after a friend of his got his fifth DUI. He hoped showing the friend what could happen if he continued to drink and drive would be enough to make him want to change.

A YouTube video shows Mabe and company turning an office into a makeshift hospital room to pull off the prank. Mabe even put together fake news segments covering future news.

(In the future, Miley Cyrus lives in a trailer park and Hillary Clinton is president.)

When the unidentified friend wakes up, he is told the year is 2023 and he has been in a coma for 10 years. He remains calm, repeatedly asking where his daughter is.

“She’s coming,” the doctor says. “She’s on her way.”

Mabe eventually reveals the prank after pretending to perform a reflex check, yelling at his friend about five DUIs he has apparently gotten. The friend laughs.

“It’s not funny. You could have … lost your daughter … you’ve got to stop,” Mabe says.

The message apparently doesn’t carry the weight Mabe hoped it would, and he ultimately gets frustrated at his friend’s laughter and storms out of the room.

The video, posted Sunday, had been viewed nearly 5 million times as of Tuesday afternoon. It was unclear whether the prank itself was an elaborate PSA that Mabe’s friend was aware of, or if it truly was an attempt to scare some sense into the man.

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