Video shows toddler, grandma saved from fiery crash

A truck driver is being hailed a hero after saving a woman and her 1-year-old granddaughter from a fiery crash last week in Mississippi.

A rescue that was all caught on the driver’s dashcam.

The video, posted on YouTube on Sunday, shows a car t-boning a semi truck, sending the semi into the median, and the car erupting in flames. The truck driver, David Fredericksen, witnessed the horrific crash and immediately jumped into action.

Fredericksen exited his truck and ran over to the car to use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire before realizing the driver and a toddler were still alive and trying to escape.

Fredericksen said as he approached the burning car, he noticed the woman trying to kick out the door. He was able to pull the door open and pull the woman and child out.

“I don’t feel it’s heroic,” Fredericksen told Jalopnik. “Really what I feel is when I first got out of the truck, I was praying that they wouldn’t be dead. I just wanted to put the fire out, but when I saw they were alive, I was like “SWEET!”

The woman suffered a broken leg and everyone else only suffered minor injuries, according to Jalopnik.

The YouTube video description states the timestamp from the dashcam video is wrong, the accident happened on Aug. 11.

Watch the full video below.

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