'Good Samaritan' story on Reddit inspires users to share their own

After his card was declined at a Tampa International Airport, “Andy” experienced an act of generosity that surprised him.

Andy, who gave only his first name in interviews, stepped out of line to call his bank provider and upon returning to the counter, he learned his baggage fee had been taken care of and was given an anonymous note that read:

“Hey I heard them say your card was declined. I know how it feels. Your bag fee’s on me. Just pay it forward the next time you get a chance. Have a safe flight (smiley face)”

Overwhelmed by the act of kindness, Andy decided to post a photo of the note to Reddit to thank the author of the anonymous note.

“If you’re reading this, thanks for making my day,” Andy posted online.

But the financial help wasn’t so much what pleased him as the kind act itself.

“Seriously, reading their note gave me goosebumps and gave me faith that there are still good people out there,” Andy told Yahoo! Shine.

Many have asked Andy how he plans to pay the act forward but he’d rather it be a spontaneous decision.

“I think it will be a random decision, spur-of-the-moment type thing,” Andy said. “I really don’t think that person walked into that airport saying, ‘I’m going to pay someone’s baggage fee today.’ So neither will I.”

Andy’s post on Reddit has inspired many to share their own “good Samaritan” moments in the comments section.

A user by the name of “coconutlili” commented that while in a Trader Joe’s buying things for a care package for her deployed husband, coconutlili stepped out of line to get a different flavor of beef jerky. “When I returned, the cashier handed me $20 and told me it was from the guy who I let go ahead, who said to tell me to use it towards the care package and to thank me and my husband for our sacrifice and service to this country.”

“If you are that guy, thank you so much for your random act of kindness. We need more people like you in this world!!” coconutlili added.

A user by the name of “Synssins” recalled being in a car parts store and overhearing a woman in need of a new car battery. As the sales associate showed her batteries she kept asking if there were cheaper options. Just as she was leaving with no battery, Synssins bought one, borrowed some tools and caught her in the parking lot. He asked her to pop the hood and when she realized what he had with him she asked, “why?”

“Because someone did something nice for me once,” he answered.

A recent act made headlines when California man Breck Reeves turned in the $6,900 he found in an envelope on the ground near the Visalia DMV. Visalia police eventually tracked down the rightful owner, Guadalupe Salazar.

Salazar, 69, had taken the money out of the bank to buy his son a new car. The envelope apparently fell out of his car, reported The Fresno Bee.

Salazar plans to take Reeves to dinner.

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