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What you need to know about the common cold

On average, young children catch the common cold 6-8 times a year and adults 2-4 times a year. Let’s take a look at what makes this condition so common and what we can do to decrease our risk of catching it, minimize our symptoms and prevent spreading it to others.

6 myths (and 2 facts) about cold weather

There is a saying: “If the temperature is less than my age, I don’t get out of bed.” That could be a problem this winter, as our nation has already experienced record-breaking cold weather. In order to properly prepare for the cold, let’s debunk some chilly and frosty myths.

Seniors can avoid slipping into danger

The idea of getting injured from a fall is not necessarily something that concerns older adults, especially when they’re just barely into their senior years. For others it is more of a fatalistic attitude. Local health care providers, however, note there are things people can do to be safer as they age.