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Boulder City teens win state video contest

Two Boulder City High School freshmen won the Instagram category of the Nevada Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Video contest, which challenged sixth through 12th grade students to create short public service announcements to combat a growing substance abuse problem among teens.

What you should know about the ‘winter blues’ and keeping them at bay

For nearly 25 million Americans, the spring is like the beginning of a beautiful play where the curtain lifts up to reveal birds singing and flowers in bloom. However, come fall and winter, as the days get shorter and the sun retreats earlier and earlier, the curtain falls marking the end of the long day’s play. Almost like a tragedy, we are often left feeling sad and forlorn.

Take care with over-the-counter drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration and pharmacists are warning people how over-the-counter medications can affect their driving. Ask your pharmacist about potential side effects and interactions with prescription drugs.