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More measles cases investigated in Nevada

In addition to a confirmed case of measles associated with Valley High School, another case of the respiratory disease has been confirmed in Southern Nevada, and four other suspected cases are being watched in the state, public health officials said Tuesday.

Knowing when to head straight to ER could save a life

It’s the weekend, and you find yourself in need of medical attention. It could be a swollen ankle, fever or an allergic reaction. Should you head to the emergency room or urgent care center? In order to receive the proper care and potentially save a life, people must understand the difference between the emergency room and urgent care centers.

What you need to know about cholesterol

Gone are the days where our physician would prescribe medications for cholesterol levels greater than 100. Newly released guidelines by the two major American heart societies are now stating that bad cholesterol levels “are nothing but a number.” Let’s take a closer look at what this may mean to you.