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6 myths (and 2 facts) about cold weather

There is a saying: “If the temperature is less than my age, I don’t get out of bed.” That could be a problem this winter, as our nation has already experienced record-breaking cold weather. In order to properly prepare for the cold, let’s debunk some chilly and frosty myths.

Seniors can avoid slipping into danger

The idea of getting injured from a fall is not necessarily something that concerns older adults, especially when they’re just barely into their senior years. For others it is more of a fatalistic attitude. Local health care providers, however, note there are things people can do to be safer as they age.

Resolve to be healthy in 2015

Entering into the new year brings excitement, reflection, and hope that are often embodied by our New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately, many people’s resolutions go “in one year and out the other.” In fact, only 8 percent of people actually achieve their resolutions. Let’s draw out a clear map to reach our destination so we do not get lost.