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Drain problem easily fixed

Q: In my bathtub is a lever that controls when the water goes down the drain. Unfortunately, the lever isn’t doing its job anymore, and the water just runs down the drain. I figure there’s a mechanism inside the tub to stop the water from draining. What can I do to make it work again?

Debunking the myths of pine needle mulch

Q: We have 14-year-old pine trees with large water berms under them for collecting water. The inside of these berms are full of pine needles that I hoped would help hold moisture but they do not deteriorate. Should they be left under the trees or be removed?

Interest in antique horn furniture arises anew

Furniture made from recycled workbenches and school lockers, or huge metal parts from factory machines is not a new idea. Our ancestors recycled clothing into quilts, tin advertising signs into patches for leaky roofs and cattle horns into Victorian chairs.

Fake antiques can be hard to recognize

Watch out for fake antiques, especially copies of well-known pieces. In about 1820, some potters in England’s Staffordshire district made portrait figures of famous politicians, actors and athletes to sell in local shops. Remember, this was a time when there were no color images of people except paintings and few black-and-white photos.

Moving table tops combine beauty, functionality

Most of us are well-acquainted with dining table extensions, whether featuring wood, glass or metal tops, and with or without hidden leaves; along with night and side tables that contain hidden shelves located above the top drawer that slide out and provide additional tabletop space. We’ve seen these for years.