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A little perspective on human progress

Take a look at the history of our species. We’ve been around a while. The oldest evidence of our human ancestors is a fossilized skull that dates back about 7 million years. Most anthropologists agree that so-called “modern” humans came on the scene about 130,000 years ago. The industrial age began a couple hundred years ago but the age of fossil fuels and our massive use of energy has only been about half that.

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Retaining wall construction can be backbreaking labor

Q: It’s time to landscape my backyard, which is currently dirt. I have a 2-foot-high bluff where I’d like to put a retaining wall, but I’m uncomfortable with masonry work. I’ve seen stackable blocks in stores and wonder if they would be suitable because I plan only to go about 1½ feet high with the wall. Besides, I think it would add visual excitement to my yard.

Green events coming to Southern Nevada

It’s spring again. Several green events for Southern Nevadans are underway or coming soon. To be clear, green events have become so popular that they happen all the time in our community; it’s just that some major ones tend to occur at this time of year.