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Bookcase, cabinet combo used for storage

Collecting is not a new hobby — there were cavemen and even birds that saw unusual or attractive items and took them “home” to save. Ancient Romans collected coins and pottery, and one Emperor had a bedroom filled with treasures from Greece. By the time of the Renaissance, there were “wonder cabinets,” and the rich and the royal had galleries to display their paintings and statuary.

How to protect your animals from foxtail spikelets

June in the West means foxtail season has arrived and veterinarians all over are prepared for emergency calls day and night. Foxtail grasses, once limited to California, are now in all states west of the Mississippi and are a growing problem as plants naturalize farther east.

Create a laundry room that works on different levels

In most homes, the laundry room is one of the most used spaces, yet often the most discarded. Laundry rooms are often small, dark and not seen as an opportunity for great design. With preplanning and organization, it’s easy to not only maximize the potential of the space, but also create more ease of use and functionality — the key to creating a great laundry room.

The heat is on — and it’s no joke

Now that the temperatures outside are in the triple digits, there is no better time to talk about global warming and its devastating, present and future impacts — especially, how it affects our lives in Southern Nevada. Yes, I’m aware this is a topic like religion and politics at a family gathering; no one wants to talk about it.