Shower curtain lends a dry helping hand

Johnny needs a bath ... so does Fido ... and you don't.

Who hasn't, when bathing kids and pets, had the unexpected delivery of water shaken all over them? It's not fun.

The Help 'em Wash Shower Curtain, for children and pets, lends you a few covered hands and a curtain for the task.

Inventors Dan and Angie Cunningham came up with the idea while bathing their son, Danny.

When pushing open the curtains, "He would get cold. Angie would get wet. No one was happy. That was the genesis of the idea," said Dan Cunningham.

"There had to be a way to solve the problem," added Angie Cunningham.

The answer? Put some gloves in the curtain.

In the end, the couple decided to design two curtains ... one for kids and one for pets.

The Help 'em Wash Shower Curtain for people has shoulder length gloves (one size fits all) that allows you easy access to assist your child or an elder bather. The gloves are completely integrated and waterproof. The viewing area (a clear window) is just the right size to allow you to help the bather, yet it still provides a level of privacy.

The Help 'em Wash Pet Shower Curtain also has shoulder-length gloves that allow you easy access to bathe your pet. However, here the curtain is totally clear to let you keep a keen eye on your pet while bathing it. Also, the gloves are at a lower level. You will stay dry even when your pet shakes the excess water off. And, we all know they do.

"Dogs get smelly and you can't always take them outside for a bath," Angie Cunningham said. "This saves on grooming costs, it's convenient and you get to do it in your own home. There's no more mess."

You can use either solely as a shower curtain or as a liner behind other decorative curtains.

The curtains are made of durable, nontoxic PVC and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Both are available for $25.

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-- Compiled by Hali Bernstein Saylor