Participants needed for landscape water study

The 10-year drought of the Colorado River continues to put pressure on Las Vegas residents to conserve water. Approximately 60 percent of all water used in Las Vegas is by area residents, and 70 percent of that water is applied to outdoor landscapes. Many homeowners would like to help save water, but struggle when managing and resetting their irrigation clocks.

A landscape water conservation study to help area residents save water is being launched by UNLV professor Dale Devitt, who has a long history of helping solve water conservation woes of Southern Nevadans, from large golf courses to small backyards.

The study will involve 50 participants with a range of landscapes from traditional with a large amount of turfgrass to those that are designed for the desert. Participants will be asked to allow researchers access to their landscapes and irrigation clocks for one year.

Participants will not need to reset their irrigation clocks during the year. Irrigation water will be applied automatically on assigned watering days, while following a seasonal water use pattern established through previous research.

Additional requirements for the study include having an established landscape that has not been substantially altered during the past two years, no changes in the numbers of people in the household for the same period of time and normal, daylight activity by the participants.

If you would like to participate in the study or need additional information, call 702-900-7128 or email