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Old-fashioned tradition of canning makes comeback

A century ago, every woman in rural America had a hope chest and a Mason jar collection. These coveted jars were brought into use over the August and September harvest season when the farm yielded its bounty. Early on she worked over a wood cook stove, but now a gas or electric range with air conditioning makes this job more fun in these dog days of summer.

Fabric-covered walls an easy, cozy project

I have a teeny tiny room in my home that needed a big, bold touch. Instead of covering the walls in wallpaper, which we know is such a pain to remove, I opted for lovely blue and white watercolor print from my home décor fabric collection, California Dreaming. It has a great linen texture and makes the room feel so rich and cozy.

It takes a village to make change

Irecently had an opportunity to work with a great organization in our community, the Uplift Foundation of Nevada ( ). It happened at the second annual Las Vegas GiveCamp, where local Web designers, graphic artists and others with technical skills spent a full weekend working with 26 local nonprofits, helping improve their online presence and effectiveness.

Internet makes purchasing international goods easy

Collectors in the 1950s usually wanted furniture and accessories in earlier styles, or perhaps a piece that represented the family’s background, such as a German stein or English china. But today collectors can see and buy items from all over the world on the Internet, and auctions have become more international.