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Essentials for a home office, no matter how small

For many homeowners, it is not unusual for spare bedrooms to be used as home offices. In fact, with so many working from home, the influx of virtual meetings and telecommuting, home offices are no longer considered to be an extravagance but a necessity.

Two types of doorstops have advantages, disadvantages

QSeveral months ago, I paid to have a hole patched in my wall that the doorknob had punched through the drywall. Well, the hole is back again and I realized that there is no doorstop to prevent the door from hitting the wall. What type do you recommend?

Determine styles, colors before decorating new home

Dear Gail: We just moved into a new house and we’re really stuck as where to start on the decorating. When we moved we decided not to take anything with us since what we had was dated and we were just tired of it. So now we are a bit overwhelmed. We went with all neutrals in our selections, which we are happy with, plus figured it was the best way to go. But now what? — Pete and Cindy