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Treasures could be hidden in old sewing basket

The skill of sewing with a needle and thread was required in the centuries before the sewing machine was invented. A machine, probably the first, was used in England in 1715, and another was patented in 1844. But the Elias Howe (1845) and Isaac Singer (1851) machines were the ones that gained fame and sold by the thousands.

Safer bathroom reduces chance of accident

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? So what does safety month have to do with the interior design of your home? Lots, and particularly in the bathroom where approximately 70 percent of all accidents occur.

Make your shower even more enjoyable

No matter how satisfying, relaxing and soothing a warm shower can be, why not make it better? More intense water pressure, better organization, even music can make a shower all the more enjoyable.

Put a ring around succulents to make living wreath

Succulent plants — things like agaves, aloes and sempervivums, known as “semps” — are glamorous and unfussy, with a distinctly 21st century plus: They can survive periods of drought by storing water and nutrients in their fleshy leaves and stems.

Vintage motor oil cans come in many shapes, sizes

One of today’s most popular collectibles for automobile enthusiasts is a vintage motor oil can. There is very little information available about the cans, but there’s a lot about the companies that made the oil. So it’s easy to date a can by its logo and style, which makes it easy to find great early examples.

Terrace makeover creates small extension of home

If your apartment or condo has a small terrace, the warm weather of summer should inspire you to make the most of that great spot for entertaining (even if you just have space for two!) Imagine stepping out onto your terrace to breathe in the fresh air, perhaps do your morning yoga, serve breakfast al fresco or welcome friends for a terrace cocktail party. Here are the top tips to make your small terrace an enjoyable extension of your home:

Education leads to appreciation of what’s truly invaluable

Green homes are often considered more valuable than others of similar size and location, but what actually determines value? There may be tangible differences in efficiency, quality, comfort or level of toxicity, but unless a buyer is educated about those things and they are important to them, value can go right out the window. Value is tied to one’s knowledge and appreciation of a particular item.

Mr. Peanut jars popular with advertising collectors

Collectors sometimes find an unusual “go-with” for their collection. Collectors buy a standard one-sheet movie poster, 27 by 41 inches, or a three-sheet, 40 by 81 inches, or a half-sheet, 22 by 28 inches, or lobby cards that usually are 11 by 14 inches. Sometimes a full set of lobby cards — seven scene cards and one title card — is found.

Coverings installation was education in current tile, stone trends

Billed as “the ultimate tile and stone experience” showcasing the breadth, depth and beauty of the tile and stone industry, Coverings 2014 recently celebrated its 25th consecutive year in Las Vegas. More than 900 leading manufacturers and suppliers from around the world revealed the latest tile and stone patterns and designs, many with jaw-dropping displays that filled both floors of the vast Las Vegas Convention Center.