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Hang-a-Pic: For designing a gallery wall on your phone

I sometimes get angry when I watch HGTV. If it’s not the over-the-top “House Hunters” lamenting that they can’t buy a million-dollar home because they don’t like the wall color (It’s called paint, people, paint!), it’s one of those DIY shows where furniture seems to magically put itself together.

Plaid fever warms up winter

You would think a girl who went to a Catholic high school dressed in a plaid skirt every single day for four years would shudder every time she saw a tartan. But while things like algebraic equations and American Revolutionary War battle dates have long since faded into the mist (sorry, Sisters!), one thing from high school has stayed with me: A deep and abiding love of plaid. And, this simple equation: Winter decorating + plaid accents = a home that’s rich and beautiful.

Organization makes his/her closet workable

When it comes to creating workable his and her closets, the key is organization. The reality is that most closets are simply not large enough to accommodate the belongings of two people. And when it comes to organizing in general, a lot of people tend to hold onto things — including clothing — for nostalgic reasons, and this can add to the clutter.

Marks on Rookwood pottery provide clues to value

Rookwood pottery, made in Cincinnati since 1880, is perhaps the most popular American art pottery among collectors. The company not only made artist-decorated vases, molded bookends, art-deco figurines and commercial wares, but it also used marks that tell a collector exactly what it is.

Five remodel trends make dining room welcoming space

During the fall and winter holiday season, your dining room will be an important gathering place for dinners, brunches and cocktail parties. The dining room has experienced an evolution in remodeling popularity lately, thanks to breathtaking design projects shown on popular home decorating website Houzz, as well as Pinterest.