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Patriotic symbols popular with collectors

Flags, eagles, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam and other patriotic symbols are very popular with collectors. The image gives a simple message of patriotism to Americans. You can find them in advertisements, as textile designs, on dinnerware or made into figurines for the fireplace mantel.

High temperatures can affect pollination, fruit set

Q: My friends are giving me grief because I can’t grow zucchini or other squashes. I get female flowers and I have male flowers too. We seem to have insects around enough to pollinate other plants. But zucchini fruit withers at about large grape size. What can I do to become one of those zucchini and squash growers who have so much they can’t even give it all away?

Bees are looking for water this time of year

Q: My daughter has an above-ground swimming pool and she is encountering a lot of bees floating on her pool water. First, she is not happy to see them die. Second, she is not happy for them to be there as her son and daughters swim in the pool and don’t want to get stung. Any suggestions?

Ceiling fan installation great for DIYer

Installing a ceiling fan is an easy, inexpensive project that just about any homeowner can tackle. Ceiling fans are a great way to add personal style to a room. And by making your home more energy-efficient, this small investment of time and money can create year-round savings on your power bill.