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A little perspective on human progress

Take a look at the history of our species. We’ve been around a while. The oldest evidence of our human ancestors is a fossilized skull that dates back about 7 million years. Most anthropologists agree that so-called “modern” humans came on the scene about 130,000 years ago. The industrial age began a couple hundred years ago but the age of fossil fuels and our massive use of energy has only been about half that.

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Naturalist program begins April 7 for those who love the outdoors

Nevada Naturalist, a University of Nevada Cooperative Extension program, is looking for interested adults to participate. The Nevada Naturalist program educates and trains adults interested in learning about the natural resources in Southern Nevada. Participants study environmental education and interpretation, laws and regulations, and environmental issues.

Every home needs a little black magic to create drama

Don’t think I’m a dark person, but in my opinion, every room needs some black. This powerful neutral fuels a room with drama, offering both a strong presence and much-needed negative space. Here are six places you can introduce some black magic into your decor:

How does technology impact water conservation?

Not long ago, I heard about an interesting new product designed to make showering more efficient, reducing water use by 90 percent and energy use by 80 percent. The Orb-Sys or Orbital Shower is being developed by Orbital Systems in Sweden ( ).