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Shagreen adds pebbly texture to many items

My long-held fascination with a rare and exotic finish began some years ago on my first trip to Asia. Tokyo was my initial stop and it was glorious and exciting despite the intense July heat and humidity — a condition that the local population described as “sah-oona” (sauna). And believe me, it was.

Tracing the roots of furniture names

Furniture often has unexpected names that honor the maker or a connection to a famous person. A Chippendale or Sheraton chair is named for the designer. Larkin desks are named for the company that gave them away. The Wooten desk was named for the maker, Mr. Wooten. But the Recamier sofa is named for the woman who posed for a portrait on the lopsided bench.

Give your rooms a romantic makeover

Your home decor may be beautiful but missing the small touches that make a room truly inviting. A “romantic” room isn’t necessarily about flowers and lace. The key is in picking thoughtful accessories, colors, arrangements and design elements that say the people in the room mean the most. With Valentine’s Day here, now’s the perfect time to warm things up.