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Ceiling fan installation great for DIYer

Installing a ceiling fan is an easy, inexpensive project that just about any homeowner can tackle. Ceiling fans are a great way to add personal style to a room. And by making your home more energy-efficient, this small investment of time and money can create year-round savings on your power bill.

Your beautiful kitchen can also function beautifully

The best kitchens not only look beautiful but also function beautifully, making it easier for you to find the saucepan you need, as well as its lid. You don’t want to heft a big pile of heavy platters to try to slide out the lasagna pan from the bottom, and you certainly don’t want to waste money when food spoils in your refrigerator because you couldn’t see what was in that baggie or foil-covered dish until weeks after it had gone bad.

Treasures could be hidden in old sewing basket

The skill of sewing with a needle and thread was required in the centuries before the sewing machine was invented. A machine, probably the first, was used in England in 1715, and another was patented in 1844. But the Elias Howe (1845) and Isaac Singer (1851) machines were the ones that gained fame and sold by the thousands.

Safer bathroom reduces chance of accident

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? So what does safety month have to do with the interior design of your home? Lots, and particularly in the bathroom where approximately 70 percent of all accidents occur.