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Geometric shapes complement desert architecture in Las Vegas

The local landscape is dotted with homes that are a brilliant testament to the meteoric rise of desert contemporary architecture. Developments over the past 15 years, such as The Ridges, have given builders the chance to experiment with contemporary designs that are now characterized by clean and simple lines wherein sustainability and energy efficiency are paramount and tile roofs are absolutely verboten.

Shoppers can find bargains for 'brown furniture'

What is now called "brown furniture" is not selling for high prices anymore. Even unusual pieces made of rare wood are out of favor in most parts of the country. But low auction and shop prices mean there are bargains to be had. The antiques are well-made of solid wood, and although they are almost 200 years old, they probably will be useful for another hundred or more.

Fire pits add sense of adventure, cooking options to Las Vegas backyards

Ever get the feeling that adulthood, with all its responsibilities, has put your sense of adventure on the back burner? Well, summer's a time to try something new. Why not expand your horizons by experimenting with a new type of cuisine? Your backyard fire pit offers more than just good looks, you know. Try grilling, roasting and even baking over its open flames. Great for paleos, vegans, gluten free-ers and omnivores alike.