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High Point Market debuts hot furniture looks to love

The night I got home from High Point Market in North Carolina, where I spent three days on a buying trip, I was so jazzed up by all the creativity I saw, I couldn’t sleep. At all. Despite being bone-weary exhausted from spending all day — dawn to dusk — rushing from showroom to showroom, scouting for fabulous new pieces.

Practice green living — come hell or high water

Without water there is no “green” and there is no “living.” The connection between food, energy and everything we care about depends upon water. Its magical presence makes up the majority of our bodies, flows through our rivers and streams, fills our oceans, evaporates invisibly and then falls on us again from the sky.

Rare Venetian chair resembles gondola seat

A gondola chair, according to furniture dictionaries, is a late 18th- to early 19th-century chair with a concave back and side rails that curve down to the seat. It has four legs and is upholstered on the seat and on both the front and back of the chair back and the arms. It is a chair type that still is being made.

Unusual items can be valuable treasures — for someone

Odd, unidentified or unusual collectibles make every antiques show and shop more fun. How do you use a dog treadmill? Did the dealer say it was an elephant catcher? Is that strange crock really an 1850 chicken feeder? And what is the use for an oversized cardboard top hat covered in wallpaper?

Homes should be modified to suit elderly person

A family tradition as old as the family itself is returning, and it’s changing the look of the family home. Sixty years ago, more than 25 percent of American homes housed several generations of a family. That tradition shifted after the 1950s when rural America moved to cities. That shift produced retirement communities, retirement homes and assisted living.