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Fun things to do with a few yards of fabric

I am a fabric junkie, and the longer I’m in interior design, the more my addiction to gorgeous textiles grows. As I design spaces for my home and those of friends and customers, I’m always blown away by the power a few yards of fabric has to take a room to new heights and to make it a truly unique expression of the homeowner’s personality.

Collectors want discontinued technology

Collectors are searching for antique and vintage items related to discontinued technology — old computers, transistor radios, early television sets, computer games and even old typewriters, fans and ticker tape machines.

You don’t have to paint to get cool with color

Almost like clockwork at the start of each year, top paint manufacturers debut their new color schemes and trot out their “it” colors. Coral Reef, Springtime Dew, Guildford Green, Pink Ground; so tempting — and sure to perk up a home, especially for spring.

Examine Royal Vienna for originality

Looking for information on a piece you were told is “antique Royal Vienna porcelain”? You’ll find it in “Kovels’ Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide,” and other online sources listed with “beehive” porcelain.

In home design, learn where to splurge, where to save

When most of us are designing the spaces in our home, we have a wonderful vision of what we want our rooms to look like. But, alas, we also have budgets. I’ve learned from designing my own homes that you can get the high-style look you’re dreaming of without going over budget.