Las Vegas is one of the selfiest cities in the world

It should come as no surprise that the Entertainment Capital of the World would rank highly on a list of the “selfiest” cities in the world. People tend to take selfies — photographs of, yep, yourself — when they’re having fun. Or looking to have fun.

Time looked at hundreds of thousands of photographs from around the world to find the cities that post the most selfies per capita. Las Vegas had the 20th-highest selfie count in the world and was eighth in the nation.

To narrow down the data set, Time only looked at photos on Instagram that included the hashtag #selfie and included geographic coordinates. There were 459 cities included in the analysis.

Makati City and Pasig, in the Philippines, won the top ranking, with 258 selfies posted per 100,000 people. The top five was rounded out by Manhattan, New York; Miami, Fla.; Anaheim and Santa Ana, Calif.; and Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Looking at only U.S. numbers, Manhattan took the top spot, followed by Miami, Anaheim and Santa Ana, San Francisco and Boston. Las Vegas came in eighth, behind Newark, N.J., and Honolulu.

Of course, Las Vegas might be at a disadvantage because the majority of selfie-taking likely happens on the Strip, which isn’t technically in the city. Time’s data set shows Las Vegas, population 583,756, with 72 selfie-takers per 100,000 people. But if data from the metro area were included, the population would jump to about 2 million and the selfies per 100,000 people would likely jump, as well.

It’s unclear from analysis what was counted as the exact geographic border of Las Vegas. We’ve reached out to Time and will update the story when we know.

In other selfie news:

  • A group of fraternity brothers are in trouble after apparently breaking into a Texas Sea World to take selfies with the animals and eat Dippin’ Dots. Two were arrested; the other three have yet to be caught, according to KHOU.
  • People won’t stop recreating Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie. A handful of Chicago Bears players who headed to Florida earlier this offseason to train with wide receiver Brandon Marshall are no exception.
  • Joan Collins also tried — and failed — to recreate the Oscars selfie. Collins missed many of the celebrities she had gathered for the blurry photo. Prince Charles also politely declined to participate.
  • Collin Powell took a selfie before selfies were cool. Powell posted a 60-year-old black-and-white selfie to Facebook that he took in the 1950s. “Throwback Thursday – I was doing selfies 60 years before you Facebook folks. Eat your heart out Ellen!” Powell, 76, wrote.

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