Mother makes ultimate sacrifice for baby

A mother who faced the difficult choice of saving her own life or her unborn child’s life died last month after making the choice to save her child.

Elizabeth Joice, 36, beat cancer in 2010, according to ABC news, and got pregnant last year after doctors told her it would never happen.

“It very much felt like a miracle,” Joice’s husband Max told CNN. “Bringing a child into this world — I mean, it wasn’t just important for me; it was one of the most important things for Liz.”

One month into Joice’s pregnancy, the cancer returned and she faced a difficult decision.

According to CNN, Joice could either terminate the pregnancy to undergo an MRI scan to determine if the cancer had spread, or continue with the pregnancy not knowing how bad the cancer had gotten.

“We felt that if we terminated this pregnancy and did these scans, if it turned out that there was no evidence of this disease after the scans, then we would have possibly given up our only chance at having a child naturally and would have done it for nothing,” Max told CNN.”

Joice continued the pregnancy and her c-section delivery date was moved up six weeks to Jan. 23, according to CNN. Joice died just over six weeks later on March 9.

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