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Escape summer's swelter in Bryce Canyon's lofty elevations

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah is enjoyed by about 2 million visitors a year who come to see its 10 deep, hoodoo-filled amphitheaters. Hoodoos are called that because they are tall natural columns that suggest living but unearthly beings. They are formed by an unusual type of erosion involving the freeze-and-thaw cycle that is repeated approximately 200 days every year due to the park’s high elevation.

Groundbreaking Parkinson's therapy aids principal

Sandra Ransel knew something was seriously wrong while walking to her son’s Little League baseball game. She and her husband were carrying a cooler when she tried to lift her leg over a chain barrier. She tripped and fell. At 41, Ransel was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

It takes more than carrots to maintain healthy vision

Peter Cottontail may know where he hid the eggs, but I am not sure he could find them if he was the one hunting for them. Those carrots he was eating to improve his eyesight weren’t enough to make a difference, according to my favorite eye care doctor, Chris Coker, O.D. He offers some great advice for Peter Cottontail that you may also find useful.

Despite budget cuts, recruiter says National Guard is still hiring

Although cutbacks in the nation’s military services will be an issue that will have to be considered by officers and enlisted personnel alike, recruiting new members will still be a part of the government’s responsibility. Whichever branch, whichever service, full-time or part-time, the beat goes on.