Top rated new vehicles for seniors

Dear Savvy Senior: Can you recommend any advocacy organizations for seniors other than AARP? I cut up my AARP card a few years back when it supported the Affordable Care Act and am now looking for another organization that better represents me. — Conservative Senior

Dear Conservative: There are quite a few senior advocacy organizations promoting themselves as conservative alternatives to AARP.

Although AARP, with a membership of almost 38 million, is by far the biggest, most powerful advocacy group for people 50 and older, there are millions of older Americans who dislike or disagree with the group’s stance on some issues. Many believe AARP leans too far to the left despite its stated nonpartisan nature.

There are numerous conservative-leaning groups that seniors who are anti-AARP can join that may better represent their views. And most of them offer discount benefits, too.

Here are several.

The Seniors Coalition

This nonprofit organization, established in 1990, has around 4 million supporters. Its key issues are protecting Social Security benefits, saving Medicare, repealing the Affordable Care Act, eliminating the death tax and reform the Social Security cost-of-living-allowance system. Members also get access to deals on travel, shopping, car insurance and a discount health care program. Annual membership fees to join run $10 for one person or $13.50 per couple. To learn more, visit or call 202-261-3594.

60 Plus Association

This nonprofit group, established in 1992, claims more than 7.2 million supporters. The group believes in smaller government and lower taxes; its top priorities include fighting to end the inheritance tax and taking steps to help save social security for future generations. There’s no membership fee to join 60 Plus, but the group does take donations from people who want to support its effort. The group doesn’t offer discounts to their members. Visit or call 703-807-2070.

American Seniors Association

This for-profit group, Open to all ages, stands on what it calls the five foundations of security for America’s seniors:

■ Rebuilding the national values respecting seniors

■ Social Security reform

■ Medicare reform

■ Tax code reform

■ Control of government overspending.

Fees to join run $15 per year, and members receive access to a variety of discounts on travel, health care, office supplies and more. Visit or call 800-951-0017.

Association of Mature American Citizens

This for-profit organization, with more than 1 million members, was started in 2007 for people age 50 and older. It aims to help seniors fight high taxes, reduce excessive government involvement in day-to-day life and preserving American values. The group also offers member discounts on auto insurance, travel, vision, dental, prescription drugs and much more. Membership fees run $16 per year, or less if you join for multiple years. Visit or call 888-262-2006.

The National Association of Conservative Seniors

This for-profit organization, founded in 2012, emphasizes two key missions:

■ To provide members, age 60 and older, with services and benefits that include discounts on travel, quality of life opportunities, better insurance and financial programs at competitive prices, and savings on household goods, food and fun.

■ To uphold conservative values in the United States.

Membership is free the first year, but costs $12 the second year. Or, for $5 per month you can become a “Gold Patriot” member and receive their “Click to Call” feature, which gives members direct connection to government officials. Visit or call 800-570-7769.

Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book.