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A little planning can prevent problems when traveling with kids

There’s a reason why traveling with kids is a comedic staple of TV shows and movies (See: “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” et al.) It’s because whenever you cram a frazzled parent or two into a confined space with a bunch of rambunctious kids, stressful things can happen.

How to plan a vacation without getting a massive headache

Sure, planning a trip can be as simple and as serendipitous as planting a finger on a spinning globe. But for most of us, it's a more complicated process that includes online research, poring over travel guides and talking to others who've already been to the places we'd like to go.

10 best countries to travel to this spring

Spring vacation season is right around the corner, which means college students and families will be flocking to popular warm-weather destinations, shelling out potentially thousands of dollars. Read on to see 10 locations that are ideal for anyone searching for the best spring travel deals.