VitaClay cooker offers versatility in the kitchen

At last, a rice cooker that doesn't have a nonstick bowl.

Admittedly, the world of home cooks eager to buy an electric rice cooker but unwilling to use one with a nonstick bowl probably is small. Luckily, the VitaClay Rice N' Slow Cooker Pro has other fine attributes, as well.

Unlike the nonstick metal bowls of most other rice cookers, the VitaClay's 6-cup removable cooking bowl is made from clay. It is dishwasher- and microwave-friendly and naturally nonstick.

The cooker has various settings for white, brown and sweet (sushi) rice. Making rice is as easy as dumping the ingredients in the bowl and pushing a button. .

The VitaClay also doubles as a slow cooker, albeit one for just two or three people.

It also has a slew of sophisticated settings to make your slow cooking easier, including options for braising, porridge and soups. A timer also allows the cooker to be set to start automatically.