Water Cooler: Olympic togs, crustaceans, pulling the plug

Here are a few things in news, entertainment, sports and pop culture that caught our eye last week.

■ A scientist honors reggae legend Bob Marley by naming a reef-dwelling, parasitic crustacean after him. Um ... congratulations?

■ Nevada Sen. Harry Reid is upset that U.S. Olympians' official uniforms were made in China. Forget about where they were made; we can't believe we're forcing our Olympians to wear berets!

■ Authorities literally pull the plug on an outdoor jam session in London with Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney. No biggie, because that sort of thing happens all the time, right?

■ A near-record 21-pound lobster is caught off of Cape Cod. Gonna need a bigger pot.

JOHN PRZYBYS (jprzybys@reviewjournal.com)