Water Cooler: Pop culture fun

Here are a few pop culture tidbits that caught our eye last week.

■ The R-J’s Jane Ann Morrison reports that a Las Vegas bakery’s allegedly low-cal cookies may not be. Isn’t it amazing how everything in life can be reduced to a “Seinfeld” episode?

■ The new manufacturer of Twinkies says the reintroduced snack cakes’ shelf life will be about three weeks longer than old Twinkies. Yeah, because shelf life was always the concern with Twinkies.

■ The Big Ten removes Suzy Favor Hamilton’s name from its “female athlete of the year” award, presumably because the former Olympic track star admitted to having spent time as a Las Vegas escort. Gimme an H, gimme a Y, gimme a P and an O, gimme a C-R-I and an S and a Y!

JOHN PRZYBYS (jprzybys@reviewjournal.com)